Frequently Asked Questions

Where does The Darling Dough Company produce it's dough?

The dough is produced right here in Manitoba, just outside Winnipeg in the town of Blumenort.  Although not produced in a dedicated facility, we can assure you that safety and cleanliness are a top priority, and that your dough is packaged and produced with good intentions and the utmost of care!

What are the ingredients in your dough?

At The Darling Dough Company we pride ourselves on creating products that are safe, natural, and sustainable; using ingredients found in your kitchen, our dough is made from flour, sea salt, cream of tartar, corn starch, vegetable oil, coconut oil, water and either essential oils and plant powders or bakery grade food colouring and baking extracts (dependant on your Darling Dough selection).

Is the dough produced in an allergen free facility?

Due to the fact that our dough is not yet produced in a dedicated facility, we cannot guarantee that our dough has not come into contact with any commonly known allergens.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions related to the topic; we are always happy to help and get to chat with our amazing customers!

Is your dough Vegan?

Yes, our dough is Vegan.  We use no animal products whatsoever in formulating our dough.

Do you offer a Gluten-Free dough?

We are currently working on a gluten free formula that meets our product standards.

Which essential oils are used in your dough?

We only use essential oils approved for children 7 years and younger.  The oils we use in our doughs include various combinations of the following: Lavender, Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, Orange, Spearmint, Wintergreen and Pink Grapefruit.

What is the best way to store your dough to ensure longevity of play?

In the pouch it comes in! Make sure to close the zipper well to maintain an airtight seal, and store in a dark place if possible. No refrigeration necessary!  We do however, recommend if possible for your Little Darlings to wash their hands prior to play, to prevent the growth of mould as it is a food grade product.  If mould does appear, please discard your dough.

What if my dough gets left out after playing? Is it ruined?

No, don't panic! We all know kids are not the most reliable when it comes to putting their things away; let alone properly.  If you find your dough has been left out overnight, simply add a couple of drops of coconut oil, kneading well until your dough springs back to life; in most cases this should do the trick!  *We recommend washing your hands after doing this. 

What if my Little Darling puts it in their mouth?

Again, don't panic! This is the reason we started making our own dough. Now if your child puts the dough in their mouth, all they will have to worry about is a very salty after taste.  That being said, it is important to understand that our dough is a toy, it is not a food.  We do not recommend tasting it. 

Is there an age recommendation for playing with your dough?

At The Darling Dough Company we recommend our dough for Little Darlings aged 3 and up and under the supervision of an adult; as dough can pose a choking hazard for young children. 

What are my shipping options?

You have a few options: Local Pickup in Blumenort or Canada-wide shipping on purchases of $25+. 

How long after I place my order can I expect to wait for my order to be ready?

Typically you can expect orders to be shipped in 5 business days.